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R.I.P. Designs

Rakish Individual Provisions

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R.I.P. Designs stands for Rakish Individual Provisions and is run by two individuals: our trusty Business manager, Mark Izzo, and lovely Designer, Whitney Holman. Each business transaction, every stitch, all our photo shoots, every e-mail, all the shipping is done together as a partnership and ensures promptness and dedication. With the help of a loyal crew and a tightly bound partnership the company considers its participants, including costumers, as a family.

Each item we sell is not only rakish and fashionable, but EVERYTHING is an original piece of artwork. All of our provisions are just as the name says, individual. Here at R.I.P. Designs we hold our name in great regards and guarantee that all our products have not only been approved by the owners of the company, but also by our crew.

To ensure rakish and individual provisions to our costumers each item is bought, designed, and altered by the Designer, Whitney Holman. By valued opinions, a DIY (Do It Yourself) niche and a love of recreating our Designer has been making/recreating/designing clothing for over 4 years. The artwork is our crime of passion, but we also believe greatly as a business in supporting charities.

Most items in the R.I.P. Designs store are purchased from vintage stores whose proceeds go to the needy. We're very proud in supporting charities and encourage our costumers to do the same. Every time an item is purchased you are given the option of donating to one of three charities pre-selected and checked out. When you choose your charity of choice we send them 10% of the cost of your purchases.

With most of our materials being vintage items there may be previous damages done to the clothing. We find new and exciting ways everyday of turning someone else's trash into someone else's new beloved treasure. R.I.P. Designs also offers a very courteous exchange and refund policy to ensure that each customer is completely satisfied with his/her purchase.

When it comes to washing R.I.P. Designs products we understand that every item is different and dry cleaning is not in everyone's budget. All of our clothing is pre-washed before being sold to clarify that each item can and will hold up in a normal washer and dryer. Although we take this precaution we suggest that items are washed in cold water. We also suggest, to provide a long lasting article of clothing, that all items be washed on a hand wash or delicate cycle and lain flat to dry or on a low tumble dry.

Here at R.I.P. Designs we look forward to making long lasting relationships with our clients and costumers. We provide clothing that is unique in design and customize unique to your style. Any questions, comments and concerns will be responded to in an orderly time and a hospitable fashion. Weather you hope to join our crew or ask about our e-bay auctions, every concern is important to us. Let R.I.P. Designs provide for your unique taste and rakish style with provisions that are all individual works of art.

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