Friday 13 May 2005 ¤ 8:28 pm

Clothes are up for sale! More will be up after this weekend!

Tuesday 22 March 2005 ¤ 7:22 pm

¤ Subject - Banner Time!

Show your love with our *NEW* banner!

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Friday 18 March 2005 ¤ 3:44 pm

¤ Subject - It's all about giving back!
mood - hopeful
We're working hard to get the site up and functioning and it shouldn't be much longer before everything is up and ready to buy!

If you've read our profile you may of noticed that we plan on donating to charities with the money we make off our clothing. R.I.P. Designs is a strong supporter in giving to the less fortunate and donating to worthy causes!

Every time an item is purchased from the costumer is given the option of donating to one of three charities pre-selected and checked out. When the costumer chooses his/her charity of choice we send them 10% of the cost of his/her purchases.

We are currently trying to get as much information as possible so we can start this from day ONE! Right now the three charities we are looking into will be diverse yet important foundations. We plan to have a charity designed to help children, an illness and animals so the costumer can choose a cause close to their heart.

If you'd like to nominate a charity you think would be fit for R.I.P. Designs to support, please contact us at with your name, the name of your charity and a contact e-mail or phone number for the foundation you support.

Thanks for your suggestions in advanced!

Hearts, Stars and Scissors,
Whitney Holman
Designer & Business Partner of R.I.P. Designs.


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